At the dawn of time water was just water…but now things have changed. Water has become a scarce and valuable resource and far more contaminated than ever before. The educated & eco-conscious consumer who chooses to purchase bottled water for good health instead of opting for a potentially harmful tap source now has more choices that ever before. In the United States, there are more than 500 bottled waters to choose from. So how does one decide what is the right choice for them? Our online website is one way in which we attempt to assist you in that increasingly difficult decision.

Below is an objective comparison of many of the leading bottled water suppliers along with what information is provided on their labels. We feel confident that you will see how impressively Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water stands alone as the true choice for water aficionados or for those who simply seek the finest beverage choice for health and taste. So when you choose to indulge yourself with Aqua Pacific, the greatest "feel good" bottled water in the world, you can rest assured that you are also receiving a rich mineral content with all the life giving properties that make water the

ultimate hydrating choice.

pH value the water

The pH balance indicates the degree of alkalinity (acidity) of the water. The acid field is between 0 and 7. Above 7, it is "alkaline". Water imbibed above 7.0 helps to re-alkalinize the human body providing many excellent health benefits.


Magnesium is in almost every cell. Our normal recommended intake is 300 to 400mg daily. The

major role for magnesium is as an enzyme activator for energy production. It also assists in nerve impulse transmission to muscles; it is critical in bone structure and leads to an expansion of blood vessels, thereby reducing the dangers of some heart disorders. Low levels of magnesium will result

in dizziness, possible headaches, irritability and an inability to maintain mental focus.


Our normal recommended intake is 800mg daily. Calcium serves many purposes including the fortification of bone structure, teeth and the membranes of cells. It assists with nerve impulse transmission for muscles, in regulating blood clotting and preventing skin allergies. Low levels of calcium will result in bone deterioration, and problems in hair, teeth and nails.


Our normal recommended intake is 2 to 4g daily. Potassium will aid in cell development and controls the water pressure between cells and food supply to cells. It is critical for muscle contraction and therefore has a major influence on the heart. Low levels of potassium will result in problems with skeletal muscles and heart problems.


Our normal recommended intake is 3 to 15g daily. Sodium primary purpose revolves around water retention and balance. It controls pressure in body fluids, especially in the blood. It affects the metabolic pace of the heart and regulates its contractions. The amount of sodium present in the recommended level of daily consumption of Aqua Pacific is far less than even one pinch of salt. Aqua Pacific natural sodium content is so low that if you drink the recommended eight to ten glasses a day, or even exceed that amount, your sodium intake will have no effect on a sodium-restricted diet.


Sulphates are actually salts made of sulphur. They promote liver detoxification and assist in digestion and bladder functioning. Sulphates also function as a laxative at higher levels. They combine with magnesium and sodium to initiate muscle contractions of the alimentary tract that moves food along for proper digestion.


Our normal recommended intake is 30 mg daily. Silica is utilized in the development of collagen found in bone and connective tissues. It assists in tissue repair and it helps our arteries maintain their elastic properties thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Silica’s effects on tissue repair make it widely known as one of the best minerals to provide anti-aging properties. It also acts in opposition to the harmful effects of aluminum, which many believe to be one of the precursors for Alzheimer’s disease. Aqua Pacific has one of the highest levels of silica found in a mineral water.

Trace Elements

There are many additional substances called trace elements, which our body utilizes for various functions. These trace minerals include chromium, cobalt, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, zinc, and others. The body needs them generally only in varying minute amounts as small as a few milligrams.

If one of these trace elements is deficient in our body, it can lead to health problems. On the other hand, too much can also be a problem


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