• Your water is really great. Is it truly from an underground source in Fiji?

    I have heard that some companies just bottle tap water and say it is spring water?

    Our water really is from an artesian well, which is a naturally pressurized aquifer that is deep within the earth where it is tapped. Aqua Pacific actually spent years in Fiji sourcing out the optimal water location on the island of Viti Levu for purity, mineral balance, and taste.

  • Why do you have a 2-year expiration date on your water?

    Shouldn’t pure water last longer than this?

    The two year expiration date is required by law in some states in the USA. Since we wish to comply with the most stringent standards that exist in any country we are therefore required to place a 2-year expiration date on our bottle. Aqua Pacific Artesian Mineral Water can be reasonably stored for many years; however, because storage conditions can be varied, we recommend that water connoisseurs stick to the two-year window for optimal quality. Cool Temperature is recommended as it has not alter the taste of water.

  • What are your bottles made of?

    We use 100% recyclable PET (polyethylene terepthalate) in our bottling. This type of plastic is considered to be the most recyclable and commonly used for in the beverage industry. FDA Compliant PET is used in making AQUA Pacific Bottles.

  • Will the PET impart a taste to the water?

    PET is the material of choice throughout the beverage industry and will not add any taste to the water. However, we highly recommend Cool Storage all times as excess heat could provide some after taste from Plastic.

  • Do PET plastic bottles save energy?

    yes. One of the major costs associated with placing our product on retail shelves is shipping and trucking. Aqua Pacific's PET plastic bottles are significantly lighter than glass bottles and therefore consume less fuel costs in their delivery routes. Also it is shaped Square in design so it can cut 15-20% logistic cost when loaded in 20ft containers for Sea Freighting to overseas customers.

  • Do you add fluoride to your water?

    No, we do not. But there are trace amount of soluble fluoride in our water naturally.

  • Is your company stock publicly traded?

    Our Company is a privately owned entity and is not currently traded on any stock market. At this point, shares of our company are not available for purchase.

  • What type of Micron filter does Aqua Pacific use?

    We use a filtration method that filters in 6 stages at a level of .2 micron, which is 5 times smaller than the industry standard. Filters are rated in microns, which indicates the particle sizes that it will remove. A micron filter size 1 will remove 100% of all particles that are a size of 1 micron or larger

  • What is the difference between is natural mineral water from tap water?

    Municipal or city water is the common source of tap water. Generally, it is supplied by public utilities. Tap water is most often sourced from local streams, lakes, ponds and reservoirs. It rarely comes from an actual spring. Municipal water is very often filtered heavily and chlorinated for the purpose of sanitation. Whereas the Artesian Source is Protected from any outside interference and is filtered and left natural without adding any chemical or minerals.

  • How pure is Aqua Pacific water?

    The purity of Aqua Pacific Natural Artesian Mineral Water is guaranteed by numerous factors:

    Our artesian water is obtained from a protected natural underground source. This water is constantly monitored for the detection of even the smallest changes in the composition, the alkalinity, the microbiological, or the chemical characteristics of the water to make sure that the purity remains as it has for thousands of years. Additionally, our bottling facilities manufacture our own supply of PET bottles on site. The water is filtered in 9 stage for compliance purposes in order to avoid the use of chemical sterilization.


    In summary, we do not process Aqua Pacific water except for filtering. To change its composition would be unthinkable. We simply seek to pass on the perfection that Nature has already provided.


    Aqua Pacific meets or exceeds all of the United States Food and Drug Administration standards for bottled water.

  • Where can I buy Aqua Pacific Natural Mineral Water?

    If you would like assistance on this matter contact our customer service department by email including your location, city and state.

  • What's in with the Packaging of Labels and Bottle design ?

    AQUA Pacific - natural artesian mineral water tells a story about its beautiful Fiji Islands by showing the Iconic Parrot, Butterfly & Waterfall background just some unique features to demonstrate our beautiful Tropics of FIJI. The square bottle design to cut shipping cost and get an image to complete our branding.

  • What is "artesian mineral water"?

    AQUA Pacific is natural artesian mineral water, which means it comes from a protected source deep within the earth that is protected sealed off pipe which after drilling is layered in a confining layers of volcanic rocks. Water rushes up under pressure and sits just below the surface of ground level and with submersible pump it is drawn for bottling without exposing to human. It is Untouched by Man.

  • What is Bisphenol A (BPA)?

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical intermediate used to make plastics and resins. AQUA Pacific bottles have never contained Bisphenol A.

  • What type of Filtration does Aqua Pacific use?

    We use 9 Stage filtration method that filters for any impurities and ensures that the premium quality water is bottled from a Protected Source as Nature intended. Special technology is also adopted to keep the bottled water Fresh at all times

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