Measuring and publishing carbon emissions is essentially the first step for any business looking to reduce its environmental impact. Here at Aqua Pacific we are currently undertaking a comprehensive Environmental Impact study for all areas of production and distribution.


Our aim is to become carbon efficient by late 20016 by substantially reducing our product emissions, increasing our use of renewable energy and offsetting our emissions.

We are also lobbying for increased recycling programs in our key distribution areas, and are working closely with different international organisations.


Aqua Pacific is actively supporting the local community by providing clean drinking water in areas that have issues with safe drinking water. This is often an issue of sanitation, and we often provide clean drinking water to areas hit by disasters such as tropical cyclones

We intend to work with international conservation trusts within our distribution areas, and we plan to address concerns over packaging by introducing new "Greener" bottles, we will cut the plastic used by 30 percent. We are also reducing our carton packaging by 50 percent.


Water is Nature's life support and at Aqua Pacific, we only extract water from our aquifer well within a sustainable level, to help protect this vital natural resource for generations to come. Therefore we are constantly monitoring our Aquifer for sustainable levels.



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